IT Problems Hit Even The “Experts”

October 5th, 2015 by Sal

bbI get around a fair bit, working for a wide range of clients throughout North America and Europe. In my travels I’ve noticed that business and IT professionals seem to be suffering from a common collection of problems, some of which can only be solved by collective activism and others through cultural change. I don’t expect people will rally to these causes, but I hope my observations will give you something to think about, and maybe even reveal opportunities for your organization to enhance its productivity.

I attend far more meetings than I would like–a complaint shared by many I suppose–and have noticed some disturbing behavior from fellow attendees during the last year or so. The problem is with the misuse of electronic devices such as BlackBerries and laptops.

In a desire to keep in touch while attending a meeting, many people are bringing their BlackBerries in with them and are sending

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Importance of An External Hard Drive

September 30th, 2015 by Mustapha

Have you ever considered what could possibly happen to your computer if there Were no external hard drives? It would probably explode from data overload! That is an exaggeration, but it clearly The IOSAFE hard drive is almost failure proof.illustrates external hard drives are vital. Most vital for data storage, external hard drive total capacity is now higher than the ordinary computer’s data capacity. You can store more than a hundred movies in an external hard drive. Do that to your computer and it will surely slow down. A great back-up tool, external hard drives can save what is in your mainframe computer’s data. Regular internet access also exposes your computer to viruses, so having an external hard drive is important. However, this data storage tool, when not used properly (and even when properly used), can also breakdown. Because of its huge data storage, you cannot just throw it outside the window.

You expend your energy trying to rescue your files. One way to do that is through external hard drive recovery – an application that can be installed in your external hard drive to salvage your files. We are fortunate to have such advanced services that can assist us in case our back-up external hard drives fail. There are many wonderful software that offer external hard drive recovery to select from, so when you encounter any external hard drive problems, check out the best applications and pick the one most suitable to your need.

Would you like to recover your lost data from your external hard drive without spending anything? In this time of Read the rest of this entry »

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Mainframes By Catalog? Yes. It Happened

September 27th, 2015 by Sal

IBM finally has one up on Gateway 2000. Starting this month, corporate buyers can page through IBM’s new direct mail catalog and pick out the mainframe computer of their dreams. No, they can’t buy a $1 million item over the phone. Not yet, anyway. But this shows IBM’s often-maligned mainframe division has abandoned its traditional plain-vanilla marketing approach for an in-your-face style aimed at transforming its dinosaur image.

Using a mainframe meant compulsory hiring of horned-rimmed glasses-wearing studs.

Using a mainframe meant compulsory hiring of horned-rimmed glasses-wearing studs.

And here’s the surprise: It’s working–at least to some extent. “Two years ago, it was politically incorrect for an IS guy to recommend buying mainframes to his boss,” says IDC Research analyst Steve Josselyn. “Now it doesn’t have the same smell to it.”

In fact, the scent is getting downright sweet. IBM’s numbers show a 60 percent increase in mainframe MIPS sold last year, allowing its System 390 revenues to remain steady at $5.9 …

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Mobile Internet Access – Wow Is It Better Now.

September 12th, 2015 by Sal

miaAnother example of fast mobile Internet access is the Nokia Communicator 9210 handheld computer, which doubles as a phone. When connected to the Orange network, the 9210 is able to provide Internet access up to 28.8kbps through a technique known as high-speed circuit switched data.

This effectively gives users two timeslots on the network, doubling the bandwidth on downloads from 14.4kbps to 28.8kbps for a cost of 25p per minute on the Orange network. Ray Haddon, Nokia mobile phones business development manager, says that at this speed “it becomes feasible for users to download their e-mail”.

Another new phone from Nokia is the 7650, a GPRS-based phone equipped with a mini digital camera. While geared to the snap-happy consumer who can use the phone to take and send e-mail pictures directly, it can also be used in certain business areas. One example Haddon suggests is insurance damage assessment. “An insurance assessor could

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This Book Is King!

September 3rd, 2015 by Mustapha

I am absolutely loving this text right now, called: Buena Vista in the Club: Rap, Reggaetón, and Revolution in Havana (Refiguring American Music). It’s absolutely fantastic stuff overall. Can’t wait to get more of his stuff.

Geoffrey Baker, senior lecturer in the department of music at Royal Holloway University of London, takes a piercing look at the hip hop and reggaeton scenes in Havana, one which sets out to reach beyond the construction of the Cuban hip hop culture that results from its extensive documentation in journalistic accounts, film, musical recordings and academic literature. In this book, Baker, as an academic researcher who is an outsider to the cultural phenomenon is positioned ‘outside the main current of the production of knowledge about Cuban hip hop’ (p. 3), thereby offering a critical revision of the paradigms that have shaped the understandings of Cuban popular music. Buena Vista in the Club is, thus,

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RAID Hard Drive Failure Is A Pain

September 2nd, 2015 by Mustapha

You can back-up and design infrastructure for preventing data loss because of hard drive failures. In addition, you can also take some measures so that the rate of failure can be minimized. There are some tips that can help you with these issues.

Broken hard drives are insane!First, you should have ensured that your server has enough ventilation to prevent overheating. Make sure that you are protecting your system from power surges. Try to avoid running your RAID array too hard when it is excessively fragmented. Your drive set can fail if it works to hard, and too much. Excessive vibration can result in the drives crashing.

Also, take steps to stop the vibration of your server rack if needed. Reliability of drives may vary according to models and manufacturers. As an example, a Western Digital hard drives may fail quicker than a Seagate drive does. A Mac laptop hard drive may be easier to recover than a Windows PC or a raid drive failure. So be careful depending on what sort of storage device you are running.

If you do not have a very tight back up, you should consider setting it up so that a transition can be done from one drive to another. New drives are particularly prone to failing in the first few months of usage because manufacturing defects thtat are not immediately noticeable can quickly manifest themselves once the drive is put to work. Therefore, it is better to avoid putting brand new drives into computers.

Finally, minimizing the occurrences of laptop hard drive failure must be considered because of cost, data loss and time consumption. Because laptop computers are mobile, they are particularly susceptible undue damage to the hard disk. It is good to watch for this.

It is sometimes impossible that you can prevent your hard drive crash but isim possible to know when it is going to fail. It is important so that you can back up data from disappearance.

Look at these signs:

When you hear clicking or crashing noises, it indicates that you do not have much time until your hard drive is going to fail.

Disappearing Data and Disk Errors: If you notice that you are missing your files and all of your programs stopped working, and you cannot save your documents, it gives the symptoms of problems with hard drives. Does your computer stop recognizing your drive? Well, when your computer is no longer able to identify your drive, you can think that your computer has troubles with hard drives.

If your computer crashes, while accessing files (such as at the time of the boot sequence), it indicates problems with your drive. When you computer is taking more time than requirements during accessing, opening, or saving files it provides the symptom of failure. If you are using an HP ProLiant RAID server and one of your disks happens to fail, it is important that you quickly follow the procedure for replacing the hard disk. Failure to do so can mean all of the data on the RAID array (provided it is at least a RAID 5, 6 or 10 configuration) will be lost. Locking up during the boot process indicates a single hard disk problem in the array if this happens frequently. RAID recovery help is available.

Hard drive failure may occur because of physical and logical reasons. Physical failures happen due to a failure of the electric motor or the drive itself. They can also take place because of a major head crash that is caused by your computer being dropped or jostled while it is running. Logical failures are result of corruption in the file system. If you by accident delete a vital registry entry or format the drive improperly, or if you get a virus, hard drive can suffer problems. The BIOS will identify the drive, but it will not boot. Some specific causes of hard drive breakage are vibration, heat, power surges, physical damage to computer and corrupted files etc.

Watch Your Disk Drive Heads

When a drive faces excessive vibration, the heads can be offset which can cause a crash. Overheating is a primary cause of breaking hard disks. A power surge caused by any factors can result in data loss while reading or writing. Finally, it may leads to computer crash. Physical force, for examples bumping, jarring, or dropping your computer can cause physical damage to the hard drive. Recovering from this is not often simple.

Files in your computer Read the rest of this entry »

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What Are The Main Causes Of Hard Drive Failure?

August 28th, 2015 by Sal

When your computer experiences hard drive failure, it will immediately stop functioning normally and there are several reasons your hard drive encounters this problem. The worst part of encountering this problem is that you will no longer have access to your files or data. This is why it is advisable to have external storage so you can still retrieve your files in the event of failure. You have to be aware of the worst hard drive destroyers so you will have an idea how you can avoid them. Your computer can be more exposed to hard drive failure when there is inadequate cooling and ventilation.

If physical force is applied, this can also result in hard drive failure. Some of the examples of physical force are jarring, dropping and bumping your computer. This damage is known as a head crash and the damage should be taken seriously because it could mean replacing your hard drive. Water damage can also cause failure and this can be due to a liquid spill or flooding. If your computer encounters this problem, the hard drive is often beyond repair. You also need to run a virus scan because malware infection can cause serious damage to your computer. Make sure you avoid these destructive conditions to prolong your computer’s longevity.

Why To Find Cheap Data Recovery Service In Your Area

Getting information from a damaged hard drive is no easy task, so you would not make the mistake of hiring the wrong cheap data recovery service just for the sake of not researching their service thoroughly. So when you would like to contact one, you would like to make sure that you do not put the phrase “cheap data recovery services”, not including the quotes but rather you may want to search for “best data recovery service in” and then followed by your country or city. Doing this search would ensure that you get the best companies and then choosing the cheapest that would benefit you the most.

This way you could find a cheap data recovery service that would actually recover your data instead of just taking your money and not bring back the data as they are supposed to do. In the worst scenario, hiring one of those services without reading any reviews would actually result in not only losing the data, but even losing any hope to retrieve them again. This is why making your data the highest priority is what makes you willing to pay for these services even if they were a bit higher in cost as you don’t want to lose your work forever just to save some money.

You Have A Faulty RAID 5 Hard Drive; What Next?

Some people always think that repairing a faulty drive is easy. However, in the event that you have a faulty RAID 5 drive you are not going to be up to the task yourself. These drives have a different type of technology not the same as the disks we are used to using at home. To repair a RAID 5 drive array, start by using their official diagnostic tools like these. Most manufacturers will have their diagnostic software on their official websites. Check to see the drive manufacturer and look for their software. The diagnostic tools will show you the different types of sectors that have issues. Some sites will give you tips on how to recover RAID servers after the analysis is complete.

After the analysis is complete, it is possible for someone to know whether it is possible for him or her to repair the drive. For those who cannot, call in an expert to help repair RAID 5 drive. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Had To Show This

August 26th, 2015 by Mustapha

I know that you are not supposed to talk about books online, but I can tell you that this is probably by far one of my favorite books right now. It’s called UrbanScience: Education for the Hip-Hop Generation. It’s absolutely awesome. I ended up coming across a great review of it, too. It pretty much says it all as far as I’m concerned:


Straight rows. Uniforms. Cafeteria food. Duck-Duck-Goose. Aerosmith. English only. Some of us learned to navigate this foreign terrain. We had teachers who met us halfway and made us feel welcome, appreciated, and accepted. Others did not fare so well. They felt bad about school, never feeling part of the culture. School was something they had to do. It made them feel deficient, and they couldn’t wait until each day was over. Those who stuck it out made it to high school; some dropped out before eighth grade. …

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Should You Even Consider A Mac?

August 24th, 2015 by Sal

What a difference a few months can make. Since late 2001, Apple has updated its entire product line, making now the perfect time for Macworld to take stock of the latest crop of Macs.

yecmOne important update is the unique flat-panel iMac, which we review here along with Apple’s other new additions: the 14.1-inch iBook and the 800MHz, 933MHz, and dual-processor 1GHz Power Mac G4s (see the reviews elsewhere in this article). And to help you understand the differences between models, Macworld Lab tested representatives from all the Mac product lines (see “Speed Skaters”). We’ll also give you pointers on what to consider when deciding which new system is best for you. Read on for a look at the current world of Macs.

Four Seasons of Macs

Shortly after Steve Jobs’s reappearance at Apple, the company divided the Mac market into four distinct segments. Today, those four areas are inhabited by the

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Afghanistan Remembered: Ugly Times

August 23rd, 2015 by Mustapha

This is some real ugliness I picked up while in the stacks. Check it out:

A soldier points out how the eyes of the tawny, dark-haired children reflect the history of this crossroad: Almond shapes suggest the long-ago westward passage of Genghis Khan and the Mongols; blue and green eyes recall Alexander the Great’s eastern push through the Hindu Kush; deep brown stands for the local Pashtun tribes that outlasted them all. It’s hard to know what mark U.S. troops will leave on this land.

Whatever it is, though, it’ll be decided here. This area near the mountainous border with Pakistan is where America’s long war in Afghanistan–10 years and counting–comes full circle. Just inside Pakistan is the sanctuary where CIA operatives once armed the mujahedeen who fought the Soviets and, later, joined al-Qaida. Nearby is the Tora Bora mountain redoubt where Osama bin Laden vanished in December 2001, eluding U.S. forces

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