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June 13th, 2012 by Mustapha

Hey. What’s with everybody out there in Internet land? my name is Mustapha. I’m just a regular pimp that likes to roll around the scene and look for things to do. I recently got a library card so I find that I am using the computers down here in New York City library a lot more than I have ever done before. I should be looking for a job. But, I’m finding a lot of really great stuff on the Internet and in the staff that is making me really reconsider my life. Maybe think about getting some money together and heading out West.

I’m talking about California, baby. That place seems like the absolute business. As a guy who grew up in Brooklyn I believe that there are certain things that you should always press forward for. I believe one of those hopes and dreams for me is that I really want to get the hell out of this place. New York turning into a Ghetto again, and I can’t even believe that these people won’t let me drink a 32 ounce drink! It’s absolute madness, man. I mean, where is Mustapha going to be without his Big Gulp?

Anyway. Hope all is well with you. Feel free to hit me up at postmaster at this website. I think you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re a spammer, you better get out of my face!



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